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grath is live on the scene now. megan, what can you tell us about what's going on? >> well, barbara, decatur street is shut down here in the area of the rail tracks here. take a look behind me. you can see the crews still here on the scene. let's look at the chopper video. some pretty dramatic vilss to show you here of this suv that got in the way of this train. the train was heading northbound on the tracks. it's a csx train, a freight train and for whatever reason this suv got on to the tracks. the train, fortunately, was going rather slowly, tried to stop. it did impact, it did strike the suv and we're told that it dragged the vehicle about 30 feet up the tracks until it came to a complete stop. now, there was a woman behind the wheel, she's in her 30s. that's all we know about her identity. we're told that she has serious injuries, but that she is expected to live. now, exactly what was going on at the time this all happened. you can see that the lights here are flashing at this crossing here. exactly how this, the two came into this path of collision, that's still part of the investigat
is live with more on this for us now. tracy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. ncaa officials say these sanctions are meant to change the culture of athletics at penn state. while not punishing those who have done nothing wrong. it's a tough line to walk, but here's what the ncaa came up with. penn state has to pay a $60 million fine, which equals the amount of money generated annually by the football program. there will be a four-year ban on bowl games and any post-season competitions as well. there will be a reduction in sports scholarships from 25 to 15 for the next four years. the university will be stripped of all wins from 1998 through 2011. officials say that start date marks the date of the first infraction. the university will be on probation with the ncaa for the next five years, and the ncaa reserves the right to investigate individuals affiliated with the program and possibly levy additional sanctions after all criminal proceedings are complete. this historic penalty is brought by the ncaa followed former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky's convic
the audience to join him. mariel zagunis carries the flag for the u.s., an honor she says is almost surreal. >> so speechless and i'm probably going to cry. >> reporter: around olympic park there is plenty for the public to see and do. workers are putting the finishing touches on the park and competition venues, including the aquatics centre where michael phelps could win more medals than any other olympian in history, phelps not feeling the pressure. >> this is the closure that how many toppings do i want on my sundae, that's what i'm doing. >> reporter: fbi agents are tight and helping keep the olympics secure. this 265-pound wrestler joked, maybe he should be on the security team. >> usually i'm my own security. and all these guys should feel safe because i'm here. >> reporter: the olympic torch is here, too, welcomed by the royals thursday it arrives that stadium tonight. tracie potts, nbc news, london. >>> the first world records of the olympics have already been broken by a legally blind archer. of south korea broke his own records for points in archery's 72 arrow competition. and sou
. with the games and olympic fever officially start today. in just about an hour, the u.s. women's soccer team will kick off competition. you're looking at their gold medal win from the beijing olympics. this year their third straight gold. they begin their quest against france. you can catch their first match live on nbc sports network at noon today. >>> then tonight is the final rehearsal for london's spectacular opening ceremony, but the show's director is begging spectators to stay tight lipped about what is on that show. director danny boyle is making a personal plea for fans to keep e quiet. started a hash tag on twitter keep the surprise. a british countryside complete with live goats, sheep and even sheep dogs. remember nbc 4 is your home for the summer games and you can keep up with the comtitian any time on the 2012 section on >>> a look at the weather now and a short break from the heat. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us with a full forecast. sure feels nice, tom. >> i would like to award a gold medal to this day today. it is absolutely gorgeous. a perfec
to today's weather and what looks like a beautiful day ahead. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us with the first forecast. after all that oppressive heat, tom, it feels nice out there. >> wonderful break. all the way into the weekend and this morning, as we go back in time, we've had just a few passing showers to our south and, actually, a little bit of thunder and lightning, too. lower part of the eastern shore and now that is much farther to the south of the metro area where just a few clouds floating through now and no storms around now and we only have a small chance later today. now, all those areas in orange are climbing into the 80s and areas in yellow, 70s and even a few places in green and highlands and west virginia and right around the metro area low and mid-80s and reagan national now at 85 and we're going to peak in the upper 80s maybe briefly near 90 in a few locations south of washington by mid to late afternoon and just, again, a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm popping up and we'll have wind out of the southeast around five to ten miles per hour. yes, we'
4 meteorologist veronica johnson joins us with the first forecast. veronica another hot, humid, sticky day. >> we're seeing a north and northeasterly wind and that is allowing some of the dew point and moisture to start mixing out of here. as far as the temperatures go, today we started out slightly higher than we did yesterday. we failed to drop below 82 degrees and we missed the record high low temperature by 1 degree. 93 is where we are right now with a northeast wind, again, at 3 miles per hour. that dew point temperature 57 degrees and we're getting a little bit of a break now, i like that. but i still expect the actual air temperature to take us into the upper 90s to right around 100 degrees in many neighborhoods today. take a look. it's 88 right now in leesburg and 9d 3 in d.c. and 90 in culpeper and around new carrollton and the temperature currently 91 degrees. that heat index value, again, cooperating for right now. low to mid-90s currently and expect to see the air temperature top out, again, right near 100 degrees. feels like later today, 105. could be excessive and
is slowly improving for some. news 4's megan mcgrath joins us live from bethesda with more. meg megan. >> reporter: it is slowly xwlooufing and people noticed this morning as they drove into work, but we have a major problem. here in montgomery county there are 240 traffic signals without electricity. we're here at the intersection of old georgetown and democracy boulevard. we have state police here directing the traffic. well, that's helped to ease the situation at this intersection. there are plenty of other intersections that did not get this kind of attention. people had to use their judgment and come to a stop when they came up to a dark signal. needless to say, it made for a tough commute for a lot of folks. >> there's no light, and it's just a mess. >> reporter: hundreds of intersections including major ones like randolph road and connecticut avenue were without traffic signals this morning. >> i had to make a detour off connecticut avenue p because all the lights were out as far as i could see. so, i mean, i'm just trying to get to work. >> reporter: police directed traffic in
to the weather will we see more storms today? meteorologist tom kierein joins us with the first forecast. tom? >> thankfully, no, angie. it does appear that things are settling down around the metro area and cooling down. thankfully around the region, we've had just some passing showers, lightning and thunder around dawn. you see breaks in the clouds. a little clouds breaking up near maryland and the pennsylvania border as well as across parts of northern virginia. all around, still cloudy and getting a few sprinkles. northeast washington, southern montgomery. those patches of green where we're getting a few sprinkles as well. elsewhere, a little sun trying to break out. temperatures now are beginning to climb to near 80 where the sun has broken out. charlottesville to 84. whilemont, arlington, fairfax and prince george's is in the mid-70s. what a refreshing change from the weekend. last week it's 76 at reagan national. for the rest of the afternoon, a few breaks in the clouds. overall a little bit of cloudiness, a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm popping up. we'll reach the 80s. els
of this surrounding this federal investigation into how money was spent and used during the 2010 campaign for mayor vincent gray. "the washington post" is now reporting that in january of this year, the mayor knew that associates spent money on behalf of his campaign that was not properly reported. according to "the post" a source close to the investigation says that gray met with jean clark harris, the public relations consultant she had an illegal campaign on gray's behalf. now, the associated press is reporting that campaign workers who worked for gray's 2010 campaign that day laborers were routinely paid $100 in cash, twice the legal limit. now, three people associated with gray's campaign have pleaded guilty to federal charges associated with illegal campaigning practices. three of gray's fellow council members are calling for his resignation, that includes david katania and bouser of ward 4. all of them are saying that the mayor is responsible for the corruption already uncovered since it was his campaign. after months of silence, the mayor spoke for the first time about the investigation dur
turned the bloomingdale neighborhood into a rushing river. a viewer sent us this home video of water rushing down their street. at one point, two inches of rain fell an hour. some areas also saw hail. >>> and some of that water went into people's homes. many homeowners spent the morning trying to clean up with no power. megan mcgrath reports on that. >> well, the storm didn't last long, but it packed quite a punch, bringing down trees and power lines. as you can see, pepco crews were very busy this morning, trying to get everybody back online. in the wee hours of the morning, pepco crews surveyed the damage caused by a large tree on acadia place. the entire street went black when it tumbled down. also dark, traffic signals along parts of north capital street, the intense heat that proceeded the storm is the likely culprit for the outage. vdot workers had to guide motorists through the intersections. pepco crews crawled down into man holes in an effort to get the power restored but couldn't happen soon enough for kia blake. >> i have been out since 6:45 yesterday afternoon. this is th
-down trains. tracee wilkins is live outside the station with more on the problems. tell us what's going on out there. >> reporter: well, right now, barbara, the good thing is everything is back to normal, but it was a mess and this was right in the middle of rush hour. so, again, things are back to normal right now, but still some delays on the red line. this follows a he messy weekend commute. it this started this morning around 8:10 a.m. metro officials had to off-load a train back onto the platform due to a mechanical issue. the station was closed for 15 minutes as they tried to ease congestion and get the train moving again. after 9:00 a.m. another train broke down causing the station to close again. everything is up and running now, but there are delays. today's incident follows what was a messy weekend commute. passengers were stranded for 45 minutes saturday afternoon due to a glitch in the computer system. the computer problem left controllers in the metro rail command center unable to see where trains were on the lines, and they could not control switchers remotely. 44 training were t
with a win by the u.s. women's soccer team and so far everything from security to traffic seems to be on target. news 4 melissa mollet joins with more on our final countdown to the game. melissa? >> tens of thousands of people have flooded into olympic stadium for another rehearsal but as far as any real details much is still a secret. one newspaper said trying to pull any snippets out of the sworn to secrecy attendies is tougher than located the lost city of atousofatous. meredith vieira talked with the director of the opening ceremony on "today quaeths show. danny boyle revealed some details about the extravaganza two years in the making. it's estimated 1 billion people will be watching. >> we're trying to do a live film, yeah. >> how do you do that? >> it's, it's tough. the way you experience it on television will feel a hole much more medial and visceral and more close ups which is a way of conveying emotions. the title of the show is ises of wonder and there is a belief in that wonder throughout. >> here is what we do know about the top secret ceremony. the show will open a
of the burning building, some using ladders. >> it was just chaotic. people running around, daughter screaming, she was screaming. it was just -- the heat was so intense. >> reporter: too early to pinpoint the exact exos of the fire, but investigators believe it started in the rear of the complex and rapidly spread up the wall to the roof helped along by the building's final siding. >> vinyl siding off gases when it burns. kind of like vapors you might see off of a gasoline can, for example. those vapors actually ignite. >> reporter: you can see firefighters are still here on the scene keeping an eye on things and looking for possible flare ups or hot spots. investigators are trying to figure out what exactly started this blaze. now, in all 74 people have been displaced. in terms of injuries, there were only minor injuries, bumps, bruises, cuts, nothing serious. reporting live in montgomery county, megan mcgrath, news 4. >>> new from overnight, one person is killed in a motorcycle crash on east village avenue a in montgomery village. that crash happened just before 10:30. montgomery county pol
geoff joins us with more. >> you're right, mayor gray just wrapped up his remarks in that alleyway behind me. now, the mayor was here to talk about an event that would help the area with its flooding issue, but that was overshadowed by him being peppered on questions about what he knew about the secret money that helped him get elected. yesterday 75-year-old jeannie clark harris, a veteran pr executive pleaded guilty to two felonies. she is accused of funneling to a shadow campaign from someone identified as co-conspirator number one. news 4 sources say that's businessman jeffy thompson. he's not been charged. harris says neither she nor the adviser overshadows the campaign and up until now mayor gray has been mum on the issue. you know, i would like to comment on all of this. as i've indicated along the way, this investigation is continuing. i said before that this investigation is continuing. obviously, it is. obviously, there is additional information that is unfolding. i think many of you will remember that more than a year ago i was the one that called for an investigation of
the generators going and use those fans. >> megan, thank you. >>> turning to the weather now at 11:05 and what will be another hot day for those still without power those who have to work outside. storm 4 meteorologist veronica johnson is here with the first forecast. veronica, good morning. >> good morning. unfortunately, still trapped under this massive bubble of heat and humidity, wish that things could at least be a little cooler for us but so many people without power that bubble extends from here in d.c. down south to atlanta and new orleans hit 96 and you're looking at the current heat index values. the temperature and humidity factored together and that extends north to chicago, illinois, and minneapolis, minnesota at 82 and 89 kansas city to 86 in dallas and going to stick around for quite some time. in fact, we're going to get even more heat and humidity coming our way tomorrow. we're already at 90 degrees. a light wind, it's out of the northeast, the dew point temperature at 65 degrees. and that, you can see some of the temperatures there, leesburg 86 to 88 in manassas and 88 in pax
, to the extreme heat. it's already nearly 90 degrees in much of our area. tom kierein joins us with the first forecast. tom, good morning to you. >> good morning, barbara. it just looks hot. that was a live view from our hd city camera and on this tuesday, we have to call this torrid tuesday. already climbing into the 90s, reagan national now at 92 degrees just past 11:00 in the morning. much of virginia into the 90s. look at warrington, they are up to 94 right now and montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's county right near 90 degrees and for the rest of the afternoon, just stay inside, stay with us here at nbc 4 and stay cool unless you absolutely have to go outside. just stay in the ac. going to be up near 100 degrees by mid-afternoon feeling maybe like 105 when you factor and tomorrow, if you're going to imagine, it can get even more humid with the heat, we'll talk heat indexes near 110. i'll have details, though, on a break coming our way. that's coming up in just a few minutes. barbara? >> tom, we'll see you in a few minutes. >>> the d.c. government is trying to help out a numb
with breaking news. firefighters are just clearing the scene of a ride-on bus fire. several eyewitnesses sent us videos and pictures at the corner of ramsey avenue in silver spring. news 4 tracee wilkins is live with the breaking details for us now. tracee, tell us what is going on out there. >> they just told the ride on literally minutes before we went live here. let me show you what it looked like earlier. this was an amazing fire. plenty of people around here who saw it. we are looking at about the seventh fire in three years involving montgomery county ride-on buses. this morning's fire started just after 9:00 a.m. on ramsey street near the silver spring metro. no passengers were onboard, only the driver. sources say the driver saw the warning light go off and called 911 and escaped woult injury. most of these fires have started in the engine area and the causes range from circuit breaker issues to brake problems. they're going to have to investigate to see where this fire started. no one has been seriously injured in any of these fires, but this is a huge ongoing problem. the mechanics uni
. veronica johnson joins us with a look at our first forecast this morning. still unbearably hot out there this morning, veronica. >> here we are just 11:00 a.m., aaron. very few cool spots to be had and you can see a big gap in our advisory map and those counties shaded in orange under a heat advisory until 8:00 p.m. our heat index could be higher than 105 degrees. aaron? >> we'll check back in a couple minutes, thanks, veronica. >>> a utility worker was killed in loudoun county. behind the wheel of a bucket truck and got into an accident on route 7 at blue ridge mountain road. it appears the brakes failed and she slammed into a tractor trailer. a passenger in green's truck was taken to the hospital. part of a group from florida helping dominion power crews here. >>> ahead of estimates, pepco restored power to customers since last friday's storm, but one woman in montgomery county wondering when she'll get electricity, again. melissa mollet has more on her wait for service. >> frustration is growing by the minute in neighborhoods like this one. power was restored all along north bel
to access this apartment because they have confirmed it is booby trapped to use their words, their terminology this morning. authorities taking extra time in order to access this apartment. in one of the most terrifying things, barbara, that we heard from a lot of the witnesses this morning is that this is very much so anticipated movie. so, you had a lot of people that were dressed in costumes and you really couldn't differentiate who was there dressed in costume just to enjoy themselves that evening and then how to differentiate them from this lone gunman. we're live in the newsroom this morning, erika a gonzalez, back to you. >> thank you very much, erika. >>> the shooting in colorado is on everyone's mind as they head to theaters. a theater from northwest d.c. richard, what is the mood like there now? >> barbara, the majority of people coming out to the movies today are not going to let a shooting stop them from watching a film they had been anticipating. this is the theater in cleveland park. a line of people just went inside for the next showing of "the dark knight" ba
and her family are from the philippines. they planned their first trip to the u.s. around the holiday. >> really exciting because i don't know what to expect really. >> reporter: they'll be back on the mall after a day of sightseeing. >> i would like to experience that event because this is very -- i know this is very spectacular, and very exciting. >> reporter: tuesday night's rehearsal was cut short as bad weather started rolling through. the 31st annual concert starts at 8:00 and will be on the west lawn of the capitol. then the fireworks. >> my father was in the navy and passed away. so i'm trying to honor him, and what better place to do that than washington, d.c., on the fourth of july. >> a slew of stars will take the concert stage from megan hilte of nbc smash to philip phillips and matthew broderick. they flew in from iowa and will be spending their evening somewhere on the mall. >> not sure. depends how crowded. we may go down by the capitol. we may stay up here. >> getting around tonight could be tough. between a lack of parking and multiple street closures, public transpor
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